5 Tips To Creating a Great Mobile Landing Page.

Mobile Landing Pages are More Important Than Ever! 
2015 is a tipping point for business to stay competitive online. For the first time, mobile phones will outnumber people. The number of Americans shopping online will top 150 million. So in addition to your website, make sure your landing pages are mobile ready!

5 Tips To Creating a Great Mobile Landing Page by EdOutWest
It's all about conversion...whether you want them to call, complete a form, 
buy a product or join your email list, mobile landing pages are an important marketing element to include in your online arsenal. When done right they encourage the user to take the intended action, and I like that they're easy to test and analyze success and ROI.
Here are some things to consider when developing your mobile-friendly landing page:
  1. When including a form, make sure your different input fields automatically switch the mobile keyboards to alphabetical vs numeric depending on if it’s name (alphabetical), phone (numerical), email (alphabetical), zip code (numerical), etc. 
  2. Consider using social logins instead of form fill out.
  3. Add a Click to Call CTA button to ensure it's easy for the user to call your company.
  4. Cut down your copy as much as possible without sacrificing your message. People have even less of an attention span on a mobile device, so get to the point as soon as possible.
  5. Keep it engaging but simple, creative but to-the-point. But most of all make sure it gets the user to take action! 
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