When are the best times to post on LinkedIn?

To reach the largest number of users with your content avoid evenings, late afternoons, and weekends.
It only makes sense to publish when people are around. LinkedIn has found their busiest times to be morning and midday, Monday through Friday. 

That's not to say other times during the work week aren't going to work for you. These are just guidelines to help you achieve higher viewership, so give different times a try and test your success.

When others say bad things about you what should you do?

We may want to yell and scream, telling them it's not true. 
Evaluate what they said, and if they have it all wrong: the real way to get back at them is to PROVE THEM WRONG!

Let’s be honest, we all get our panties in a bunch when hit with bad comments, especially if it’s not the truth.

Happy Spring! 5 things to do that will have a positive effect on you and your business.

"Let your past be your Spring-board, not your quicksand."
Steve Maraboli

We all wait for Springtime, that time of year when things grow, bloom and prosper. We should do the same thing. The cold days of winter at an end (hopefully) and we are ready to tear off those coats and GET OUT THERE!

Here are a few ways to GET OUT THERE that will have a positive effect on you and your business:

1. Attend a networking event. Go to it with a friendly open demeanor, welcome those you meet as if you are welcoming them into your home. Try it, it works!
2. Go out in the sunshine during the day to clear your head, even a few minutes can reset your attitude.
3. Find a group of people with common interests through Meetup, etc. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people we feel connected to others in a fun and positive way.
4. Exercise, I know I said that nasty 8-letter word, but getting those juices flowing can have a positive impact on your day. I get my 50 minute walk done in the morning, because I know once the day begins all good intentions of "getting to it later" fly right out the window.
5. Take your laptop outside and get some online business building done. Why not go to a coffee shop with a great outdoor patio? This way you won't feel so guilty huddled inside at your computer making connections on LinkedIn.

The future is in our hands and each day is a new opportunity to make it awesome.

Don't Spill The Beans When Updating Your LinkedIn Profile.

"I don’t want to tell my network every time I make a change to my profile this weekend.”
We all want to have a stellar profile and that requires time. But, when you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, it can be annoying to your contacts if they’re alerted every time you make a change. Plus you mighty not want everyone to see that you're busy updating, tweaking, adding and subtracting content every few minutes.
Our profiles should:
  • Convey the right message.
  • Includes the right keywords.
  • Have a great headshot.
  • Include a job description that sets us apart.
  • Promotes ourselves and our business with the right message.
  • You get it.

So take the time and make these important updates. Having your network see your profile changes as a whole is a good thing, but not right away, so see my TIP below for broadcasting it when the time is right. 
HOW TO: Hover over your picture at the top right > Privacy & Settings > Privacy Controls > Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.
TIP: Be sure to turn this feature back on when you're completing your final changes so it gets broadcast, and others will be enticed to take a look at your profile, now that's it's ready to be seen by the masses!

Stop chasing prospects and get more business.

I know this to be true from my own experience...the more face-to-face interactions I have, the more likely I am to close the deal.

We've all set up our sales stages: Lead, Prospect, Assessment, Proposal, etc. But are they effective for closing the deal? With this plan, we have no idea who is really interested in moving forward. Who is a time waster and who is a real opportunity?

It's a scary thought, but stop chasing prospects. Schedule each meeting with your prospects at the end of the current meeting.

If your prospect doesn't want to schedule time with you, it means they probably don't want to work with you.

It's a lot easier for a prospect to say NO to someone they've had one meeting with,  received a couple of emails from and an occasional voice mail...BUT when you're engaged with your prospects they come to learn your true value face to face.

At each meeting, my prospects get to know me, they see what it would be like to work with me, they find out more about me, my personality and my genuine interest in their business. You can't do that with email and voice mail. When they schedule their next meeting with me, I know they're interested in continuing our business relationship...YES!

Don't forget, it works both ways, after a meeting or two you might discover that this prospect is not one you want to do business with. Better to find out sooner rather than later!