How to Use Website Content for Effective SEO Results.

Although far from a complete list of how to effectively create a website that is Search Engine Optimized, here are a few tips on content in an effort to increase your rankings.

The importance of content has multiple facets, it's not enough to simply have large amounts of content.These 3 aspects greatly affect the amount of influence it has on a site's ranking: relevancy, recency, and quantity.

Relevancy and Quantity 
If you want to rank high for the phrase antique mirrors, then your page should discuss the topic in detail to get the maximum benefit from the presence of 

related words and phrases—something search engines look to as context cluesthat help them dial in the relevance for a page.
Recency and Frequency
It's widely believed that search engines not only assess how recently the page was updated, but also the frequency with which the content on the site changes and how that update rate changes from time to time.

When it comes to creating content, don't neglect other elements, 

as some of these are significant influencers.
For example:
1. Adding internal links helps your visitors dig deeper into your site.
2. Creating a Call To Action that visitors can act on.
3. Including useful and helpful information related to your industry.

A concerted effort
A highly effective website is the result of a many factors working together. Make sure that all your efforts are made with your overall strategy in mind, and are consistent in their emphasis of your target concepts and your target market.

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