What is a Technical Website Audit and Why You Should Have One Done.

From speed to site ranking, you’ve probably done some sort of website audit. However, a true website audit covers much more. As an essential part of your business, your website should be put through a comprehensive audit that factors in all major key performance indicators of your online presence.

5 Key Areas of a Comprehensive Website Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • SEO & Organic Reach Audit
  • Competitor Audit
  • Backlink Profile Audit
  • Local Audit

 Today I will review a Technical Site Audit.

Your website’s usability and functionality matter more today than ever before. Users are more web-savvy and demand better performance from the websites they visit. With this in mind, search engines give preference to websites that are technically sound. This includes a variety of technical elements including:
  • Site load speed
  • Image optimization
  • Text to HTML ratio
  • Word count
  • Duplicate content
  • Broken site links
  • Links with nofollow attributes
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Image Alt Attributes
  • 404 Errors
  • Mobile Optimization and more!

No company wants technical issues making it difficult for search engines to crawl and index their website, which makes it harder for your site to rank highly and cost you traffic or potential business.