How to work smarter not harder

Stay On Task.

This year has started off with a bang for our company. We have lots of website and graphic design projects in-house, so planning is critical to get all work done on-time and on-budget.
Time management makes it happen. 
Even the best multi-taskers can slip back into old habits: having multiple windows open on their laptop,  the "I'll do that later" pile on their desk, etc. We're all guilty of it now and then, but we can win the battle to work efficiently and effectively!

Repeat after me: "When I stay on task,  my work gets done!"

> Take on 1 task at a time...and complete it. 
> Although tempting, don't jump from one thing to the next, it's not an efficient way to work. 
> When we can concentrate on one project the job moves along.
> Stay organized
> Prioritize as needed throughout the week, day, hour.

When we do these things we WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER.