Don't Spill The Beans When Updating Your LinkedIn Profile.

"I don’t want to tell my network every time I make a change to my profile this weekend.”
We all want to have a stellar profile and that requires time. But, when you’re updating your LinkedIn profile, it can be annoying to your contacts if they’re alerted every time you make a change. Plus you mighty not want everyone to see that you're busy updating, tweaking, adding and subtracting content every few minutes.
Our profiles should:
  • Convey the right message.
  • Includes the right keywords.
  • Have a great headshot.
  • Include a job description that sets us apart.
  • Promotes ourselves and our business with the right message.
  • You get it.

So take the time and make these important updates. Having your network see your profile changes as a whole is a good thing, but not right away, so see my TIP below for broadcasting it when the time is right. 
HOW TO: Hover over your picture at the top right > Privacy & Settings > Privacy Controls > Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.
TIP: Be sure to turn this feature back on when you're completing your final changes so it gets broadcast, and others will be enticed to take a look at your profile, now that's it's ready to be seen by the masses!