Happy Spring! 5 things to do that will have a positive effect on you and your business.

"Let your past be your Spring-board, not your quicksand."
Steve Maraboli

We all wait for Springtime, that time of year when things grow, bloom and prosper. We should do the same thing. The cold days of winter at an end (hopefully) and we are ready to tear off those coats and GET OUT THERE!

Here are a few ways to GET OUT THERE that will have a positive effect on you and your business:

1. Attend a networking event. Go to it with a friendly open demeanor, welcome those you meet as if you are welcoming them into your home. Try it, it works!
2. Go out in the sunshine during the day to clear your head, even a few minutes can reset your attitude.
3. Find a group of people with common interests through Meetup, etc. When we surround ourselves with like-minded people we feel connected to others in a fun and positive way.
4. Exercise, I know I said that nasty 8-letter word, but getting those juices flowing can have a positive impact on your day. I get my 50 minute walk done in the morning, because I know once the day begins all good intentions of "getting to it later" fly right out the window.
5. Take your laptop outside and get some online business building done. Why not go to a coffee shop with a great outdoor patio? This way you won't feel so guilty huddled inside at your computer making connections on LinkedIn.

The future is in our hands and each day is a new opportunity to make it awesome.