Does your website need a Trust Seal?

There are so many companies competing online, that potential customers have the luxury of checking out your website any time they want and then choosing who to do business with.

Your site better impress and engage your visitors!
How are you going to differentiate your organization and stand out from the crowd? One way is to add a Trust Seal to your website.
What's a Trust Seal? 
It's a "badge" on your website that shows potential customers/ donors/ volunteers/ clients your commitment to them. It builds trust and shows the value you offer.
Where on your website should your Trust Seal appear?
It must be present on more than your Home Page! Actually, it should be on every page, showcasing why your company is worth doing business with, donating to, buying from or volunteering for.
What should my Trust Seal look like?
It must be well-designed, a quick-read and easy to understand. Want to take it a step further? Add a hyper-link to a page of more information.
What should your Trust Seal say? Here are some suggestions:
Your Company Guarantee
Your Commitment Message
Your Mission Statement
Your Satisfaction Information
Create a message that portrays your unique value. 
Differentiating yourself by promoting your commitment to your customers is extremely important. A Trust Seal is one of the many elements to include on your website to turn it into a powerful marketing tool.
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