New Website Design Rules for 2015

Website design is so much more than what the site looks like.

Many organizations are re-prioritizing their websites to become a star in their marketing mix. Site design is changing and the savvy company knows that by adapting these web design best practices, they'll create new revenue through sales or leads from their website.

Sites are changing from “nice to haves” into important lead-nurturing tools. The right site design will keep them impressed, engaged and ready to take the next step in the buying process.
Designing websites strictly for visual appeal is no longer enough. To be effective in 2015 and beyond a website:
  • Must impress with a great look.
  • Is mobile-optimized to keep visitors and Google happy.
  • Needs to engage to convert site visitors into customers.
  • Takes into account new Google search rules. They've rewritten the SEO game, making relevant content and user experience more essential and valuable than ever.
2015 website visitors have very different needs, depending on where they are on the path to purchase. Their website experience must respond to these needs throughout the different stages of their website journey.

If your organization follows these new 2015 website design rules, your website can turn into a powerful lead development and sales powerhouse.

Part 5 of my series:
Lisa's Website Insights for creating websites that Impress & Engage