Stop Chasing Prospects and Close More Business.

I know this to be true from my own experience...the more face-to-face interactions I have with prospects, the more likely I am to close the deal.

Lisa Scott at EdOutWest
We've all set up our sales stages: Lead, Prospect, Assessment, Proposal, etc. But are they effective for closing the deal? With this plan, we aren't always sure who's really interested in moving forward. Who is a time waster and who is a real opportunity?
It's a scary thought, but stop chasing prospects. Schedule each meeting with your prospects at the end of the current meeting.

WHY? If your prospect doesn't want to schedule time with you, it could mean they probably don't want to move the business relationship to the next level.
It's a lot easier for a prospect to say NO to someone they've had one meeting with, received a couple of emails from and an occasional voice mail, but when you're engaged with your prospects they come to learn your true value, face to face. 

At each meeting, my prospects get to know me. They see what it would be like to work together, they find out more about my personality and my genuine interest in their business. At the same time, I find out the same about them. You can't do that with email and voice mail.

When they schedule their next meeting with me, I know they're interested in continuing our business relationshipYES!

IT WORKS BOTH WAYS. After a meeting or two you might discover that this prospect is not one you want to do business with, and that's OK, because the money isn't always worth the headaches. I've walked away from business when I knew they weren't going to be a good fit for our company, and I was glad I found out sooner rather than later.