Networking Tips To Get You Off That Wall

I'm far from a wallflower, but even I use these networking tips

1. Don’t talk about work.
WHAT? Isn't that why I'm at this event in the first place? 

YES, BUT networking will be even more productive if you can build long lasting relationships. It's much easier to start a conversation about hobbies, trips, a new favorite restaurant, than jumping right into the pressure of promoting your business. 
The conversation will turn to business eventually, but why not become friends first?

2. Bring a friend.
It's a lot easier to be social when you have someone with you. THIS DOES NOT MEAN standing and talking to your friend all night. Part ways, but know they have your back if things get too uncomfortable.

3. Ask questions.

Have a few questions ready to go should there be awkward silence. They can be, but don't have to be business related. This should spark a conversation. I WILL SUGGEST ACTUAL QUESTIONS IN A FUTURE POST.

4.  Have your 30 second elevator pitch ready.
YOU WILL BE ASKED...SO BE READY. Keep it short and memorable. Write it down and practice, practice, practice so you're ready when asked.

What are your tips to get off the wall at an event?

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