How To Make An Impression On LinkedIn

3 Tips to Help You Stand Out on LinkedIn
Use social etiquette to really make your LinkedIn connections valuable and stand out from the crowd at the same time.

1: Send Personalized Connection Requests
When you send an invitation to connect, do it from the person's profile page by clicking the Add to Your Network link. This way you can add a personal message.

2: Reply to all New Connections

Start the conversation. Send a short message saying “Thank you for accepting my invitation." or
"Thanks for asking me to connect."
Include something extra to the message. Do you have anything in common?

3: Compose a Group Email
It's a great way to send targeted messages to different groups of contacts you've tagged.
FYI: You can only send a message to 50 people at any one time. I'm sure we would see lots of spam otherwise. TIP: Hide Others’ Email Addresses: ALWAYS uncheck the box that says, “Allow recipients to see each others' email address.” This makes the email a BCC. Value other people’s privacy by not sharing their email addresses with everyone else.

Have your own great tips? Please share them with us!

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