How to upload the image you want in your company page updates.

Now we can customize our image when we post a link!

LinkedIn added another great new feature for company pages. Instead of settling for what pops up when we share a link on our company page, we can now upload the image we want in our company's updates with links.
Here's how:
1. Create your update, paste in your URL, and then wait for the preview
2. Click the icon in the upper right of the preview image
3. Pick your image file (JPG, GIF, or PNG, max: 100MB) and click Open
4. Hit Share once your image has loaded
Done, it's as easy as that!

TIP: While you're on your company page, make sure to add a banner image (see ours above). For some businesses, this 646-pixel by 220-pixel space is simply used to showcase a giant logo, but why waste valuable real estate on your logo when LinkedIn already gives you a space that? So take advantage of the space for some creative and clever marketing!