Quitting vs. Giving Up

There's a difference between quitting and giving up. 

Giving up means that you're throwing in the towel, never to do again. Quitting is often necessary, because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. 

Don't be afraid to quit the way that you're doing something if there's a better way, but never give up. Find a more effective way to obtain what you desire.

Thank you to my guest contributor Eric Lipsey
Eric is the Director and co-owner of Phoenix Business Development II, LLC, which is parent company to Fashion Affair Magazine and Top Boutique Shop. He was a business consultant for 3 years prior under Phoenix Business Development, but found that his greatest joy was in developing his own businesses. Writing and public speaking regarding business and personal development are also among the things that he enjoys. @Eric Lipsey

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